Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Violently Ill - HR Executive Online Features Domestic Violence As A Workplace Issue

HR Executive Online has done a great article with accompanying information and resources on the impact of domestic violence on the workplace. I spent a lot of time talking with Jared Shelly, the journalist who wrote the piece and coordinated the “extras” and he worked very hard to make sure he had something that would really help their readers understand how domestic violence impacts the workplace, what companies are currently doing about it, and what interest HR Executives can do about it.

He chose an interesting title for his piece, “Violently Ill.” At first I was taken aback by the title. But as I thought about it, it made sense. Jared wanted his readers to understand that for victims of domestic violence, their work absences due to domestic violence can be because of the violent nature of the situation they are in at home.

Featured in the article are CAEPV Members State Farm Insurance Companies, Verizon Wireless, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and CIGNA (which not only provides EAP services for Verizon Wireless, but also has its own program).

While Macy’s is not a Corporate Alliance member, we are very happy to have member of Macy’s Employee Relations area on our board of directors.

Finally, I honor the State Farm employee who chose to share her story with Jared. She is amazing – and as she shares, she helps more employers and employees know that they are not alone and that this issue is “Everybody’s Business.”

Thanks to HR Exec Online for highlighting domestic violence as a workplace issue, thanks to Jared Shelly for working so hard to make sure he got the story and the resources out there, and thanks to the employers who are willing to do something about this and share their experiences with others!

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