Monday, August 25, 2008

What Does It Mean to "Click To Empower?"

Last time I checked, the “ClicktoEmpower” clicker was at 232,394 – they are approaching the 50,000 to go mark! Thanks to all of you so dedicated to “clicking” and sharing this easy way to help victims of domestic violence with friends. The goal is to click to 300,000.

Each click represents $1 donated by The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program to the Education and Job Training Assistance (EJTA) Fund, with a total contribution of up to $300,000. The EJTA Fund helps domestic violence survivors pursue long-term financial security by providing vital financial assistance for education, training and job-related expenses. Clicking is easy -- and you can help someone get access to books and supplies for school, job-training skills, certification fees, tuition, registration fees, childcare, and more!

I have personally seen the EJTA Fund in action – and seen first-hand what a difference it can make in the life of a victim of domestic violence who is trying to gain long-term financial security. Believe me, it works!

Allstate is a company I appreciate – I know they are an insurance company and I know that does not always make them a "popular" kind of company, but they have done a lot of really cool things by taking what they are good at (financial stuff) and applying it to helping victims of domestic violence. To learn more about Allstate and their commitment, check out our “Member of the Month” page on the CAEPV website.

Please keep clicking – and watch that arrow move toward the $300,000 mark!!

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