Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What A Cool Person!

This poem was sent to me by an amazing person I know -- this person works in one of our CAEPV member companies, and is a domestic violence survivor. I think a lot of times a highly employed, educated, well-dressed, well-spoken, talented, person like this is just the kind that people assume, "Well, it doesn't happen to people like that -- they are too much like ME."

I am here to tell you it DOES happen to people like me. Like you. Like your best friend. Like your neighbor. Like your sister. Like your brother. Like your co-worker. Like your boss. It can happen to anyone.

A.B shares, "I wrote this last night. . .from the eyes of a domestic violence survivor, but yet, still a victim."

(By A.B. Hurley © 2007)

Pain and hurt.
That's what I feel.
Too much confusion.
Nothing feels real

Blinded by tears.
Now I can't see.
Too much anger,
And it's slowly killing me

Empty and cold.
Ice covering my heart.
Too much unforgiveness
tearing me apart

I'm drowning.
I'm sinking.
I'm losing
this fight.

Who stirred the love in my heart
and then tainted it?

A.B. Hurley -- you are one amazing person! Thank you for your courage -- and for helping others through sharing your life and your heart.

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