Monday, August 27, 2007

Central Illinois Men Against Domestic Abuse Marching in Labor Day Parade

This coming Labor Day weekend, a bunch of men that are affiliated with the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence ( -- and many that are not -- are doing something I think is so cool -- they are marching with a float in a local Labor Day parade in Bloomington, Illinois.

The guys have named themselves Central Illinois Men Against Domestic Abuse ( and have patterned themselves after another group they learned about in Gloucester, MA. Their goal is to have at least 500 men sign a petition against domestic violence and to have at least 100 men marching in the parade this coming weekend. They started this just a few months ago, so it has been cool to watch the progress of this idea from a thought to a reality and to see their enthusiasm in spreading the word through their community and to their friends and neighbors.

These are not guys who are the "usual suspects" -- you know, guys who already work in the field of domestic violence. These are guys who own businesses, who work at State Farm, who are pastors, who are high school principals, who are in law enforcement, who are community leaders. These are just regular guys who care about this issue and want to get involved.

It has been really wonderful to watch the guys who are part of the Corporate Alliance get involved in the community and learn more about domestic violence and then reach out like this -- they are just so passionate and caring about the issue.

You go guys!!!

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