Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Cosmopolitan Magazine Says NO MORE to Domestic Violence

"Domestic violence doesn’t only happen at home. It spills

into the places we take for granted as safe—schools, stores, salons, or any workplace. Cosmopolitan investigates how relationship violence puts us all at risk…"


This is the introduction of an article appearing in the May 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (on shelves April 9, 2013).  Are you surprised "Cosmo" is taking on this issue?  To be honest...I was.

But then I was hopeful.  Hopeful because they have a huge reading audience of young women...young women who are not going to hear these stories anywhere else...young women who are not going to get this information another way.  Because "Cosmo" wrote about it, they will read it.


I'm excited that Cosmopolitan magazine is joining us in saying NO MORE.  The stories of domestic violence they share are heartbreakingly difficult to read, but they must be read.
And I am hopeful that the tips we give to workplaces, co-workers and friends will be helpful and will perhaps change - or save - lives.
As we say in the article:
What you can be is an advocate: If your company doesn’t
have a policy, ask for one. Don’t wait for something bad to
happen in order to get a work-safety policy in place. Walk in to your manager armed with this article.
To read the article: or the PDF version: 

To text to donate $5 to CAEPV: Text COSMO to 41010
To get resources and information from the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence (CAEPV):
To learn more about NO MORE:



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