Monday, March 26, 2012

Unlock A Hidden Level in “Angry Birds Space” – Help Stop Cyberbullying

Do you LOVE Angry Birds?

Would you like to unlock a hidden level in Angry Birds Space and do your part to help stop cyberbullying at the same time?

If so, you'll be pleased to learn that MTV's A Thin Line campaign against cyberbullying, sexting, and all kinds of digital abuse is teaming up with Angry Birds Space to reward everyone who takes action against digital drama.

To get things started you'll need to head over to MTV's interactive Draw Your Line map that tracks actions taken across the country. There you'll be able to post any action that you've taken to stop digital drama and you'll be rewarded with instructions on how to unlock a secret Golden Egg level for the newly released Angry Birds Space.

Want to help out even more? There are plenty of things you can do to help end cyberbullying including things as simple as changing your Facebook and Twitter passwords or even just starting a conversation with your friends. Get the word out and head over to Draw Your Line for more ways to take action.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely retarded... Sexting is a part of cyberbulling? And how the HELL does changing your Facebook or Twitter password do a part to end cyberbulling?
What kinda jackass are you? (I don't expect you to post this, just wanted you to read it and hopefully see how shitty your blogging is)

Mike said...

Kind of ironic that the post by "Anonymous" IS cyberbullying! Unfortunately,it's all too easy to post, tweet or text words or pictures to hurt others. That's the whole point of MTV's A Thin Line campaign. If "Anonymous" had taken the time to actually check out the campaign, s/he would have been able to read a full discussion of the "thin line" between sexting and cyberbullying and how changing your password decreases unwanted access to your social networking accounts. It's one of the quick, simple ways to "draw your line" to limit the opportunity for cyberbullying. The post by "Anonymous" is uninformed, inaccurate, unnecessary and a great example of the kind of stuff that needs to stop.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mike. "Anonymous" is what is currently refered to as a troll. Someone who leaves a comment or post that is designed to upset others and start and argument or other such response online. I have personally never understood the appeal, but there certainly are plenty of other trolls out there.

I will be reposting this to our blog ( as a part of the series "Media Monday." Thanks for the information! I will, of course, link pack to you as the source.