Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is There A “Bubble” Where You Live?

I saw something interesting this morning in response to the heartbreaking high school shooting at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio.  One of my friends said “This is heartbreaking and scary! I am very thankful for my (name of town) bubble.”

And I while I certainly appreciate that she feels safe where she lives…I think that is a scary sentiment. 

As long as we think “It can’t happen here” we won’t talk to our kids about bullying or school violence or safety…or dating violence.

As long as we think “It can’t happen here” we won’t make plans for our schools to be safe.

As long as we think “It can’t happen here” we won’t prepare our workplaces to keep them safe – and we won’t look out for the potential signs that employees are in distress.

I am often asked what I think the most dangerous position is for an employer with respect to workplace violence.

I think the most dangerous position for an employer to be in it is the idea that “It can’t happen here.”  Because as long as anyone thinks that (parent, school, employer, community) we will do nothing.

Is there a “bubble” where you live?  I pray so.  But if not, take a moment to consider that it CAN – and does – happen in quiet, small places like Chardon, Ohio.


Unknown said...

Some of us do think we live in a safe place and do not prepare for tragic events such as Ohio's shooting. Safety is often not talked about because we believe nothing bad will ever happen, but when it does, there's havoc and confusion from lack of preparation.

Sheila said...

We talked about the false sense of removed danger just a little bit ago in this post:http://cottonwoodtransition.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/somewhere-else/

And you're right, just look at victim blaming for rape victims. Most women NEED to do that mentally so they can justify that it couldn't have been them. Ignorance is a dangerous delusion.

Andrea Guzman said...

It is very sad and scary how people have no remorse towards bullying and hurting others mentally, emotionally and physically. It is very true that when we have the mentality of, "it can't happen here," we put ourselves in our situation where we blind ourselves the possibilities of violence and bullying. We have to be aware and consciences about the possibilities and the sings of violence within out communities.