Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Just Save One Life...Just One."

"Just save one life...just one."  Deidri Fishel

That quote really struck me and stuck with me.

It is from the "Telling Amy's Story" Leadership Video that you can find at  Detective Fishel is talking about what we can all do to make a difference in the lives of a domestic violence victim..ultimately perhaps saving a life.

Isn't it worth it? Saving a life?

And what if your workplace policies could make a difference?  I mean, more than what it would save you in productivity, in employee turnover, in absenteeism...more than the prevention of a potential workplace violence incident on your property? 

I can certainly convince you of all of those reasons...and the Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence can provide you the resources and training and practices you need to help your workplace for all of those reasons. That is what we do.

What does saving a life mean to you? If you could do it through your workplace policies and programs...would you? Visit  to learn more.


Saira said...

That really is a powerful quote! Makes our work in the DV movement real and tangible.

Kim Wells said...

Saira - Detective Fishel is amazing...and you are right it is a powerful quote. I hope that the message carries beyond to neighbors, workplaces, faith communities, families...everyone. Thank you for the work you do, Saira.

KWG said...

She said something else that really got to me as well. She said that if there was a string of burglaries in an area, folks would be up in arms. But with DV? No way.

My dad is a retired police detective and he used to tell me the most dangerous and saddest calls he ever took were domestic violence calls. They were some of the saddest because of the devastating consequences of injury and death, but also the complete lack of empathy and intervention from family and friends.

As if it was the victim's and abuser's own fault.

You touched on a theme in one of your earlier posts about folks being up in arms about fighting cancer. As they should be. I've had friends and family die from cancer.

But DV is a cancer too, and the fact is we're the treatment.

We can save a life.