Friday, May 29, 2009

Allstate Wins Best PR Campaign for "Tell A Gal P.A.L. Campaign on Domestic Violence

I just LOVE this example of a company doing well by doing good!

CAEPV Member Allstate recently won the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Skyline Award for the Best PR Campaign of the Year for their “Tell a Gal P.A.L.” campaign on domestic violence.

The “Tell a Gal P.A.L.” program focuses on purses as they serve as symbol of economic empowerment for women. Research from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence shows that women with financial skills are more likely to leave abusive situations and sustain themselves and their families on a long-term basis.

Through its “Pass It On, Act and Learn,” the “Tell a Gal P.A.L.” campaign creates awareness and starts an open dialogue about domestic violence and how economic empowerment can provide a path to a safe future. “Pass it On, Act and Learn” consists of the following important steps:

P -Pass It On— Spread the word to your gal pals that domestic violence touches all of us and it can happen to anyone. Let your gal pals know that financial abuse is part of domestic abuse. Talk freely about domestic violence to break down the taboo.

A- Act— Small acts make a big difference. Encourage your gal pals to actively plan for a secure financial future. Start a savings plan for emergencies or get a copy of your credit report.

L - Learn—Learn about the resources available to help yourself, or someone you know, out of an abusive situation. Take steps to protect your personal and financial safety whether you’re in an abusive relationship or not, and empower yourself.

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Matt said...

I like the acronym P.A.L. as a way to pass the advice on.

Kim Wells said...

I agree Matt - and they have really great materials that go with it to pass the message along! Check out the site at!

Anonymous said...

This campaign has to be promoted more widely. As a stay at home mom whose (ex)husband controlled everything I did not have the resources to escape as soon as I should have. My children, unfortunate witnesses to his verbal/emotional/financial and other abuse, seem condemned to continue the pattern. For that I can not forgive myself for being afraid to leave earlier. Although, I have absolutely nothing and struggle daily to no become homeless, I cannot express the feelings of peace I can now experience.
FNK as Debra F. Weber