Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am so happy to report that Neil Calman, President and CEO of The Institute for Health has taken the SafeWork 2010 Pledge!

The Institute's mission is to improve the quality and availability of family practice services in response to the needs of medically underserved populations. In support of this mission, the Institute:

- Develops and operates health facilities on a family practice model integrating the work of a broad range of health professionals;
- Trains health professionals and other health care workers in the family practice model of care;
- Engages in health services research related to primary health care delivery and primary care education;
- Formulates health policy in support of its direct patient care and educational goals;
- Promotes the diversity of its workforce and provides an environment that encourages personal and professional development for all.

In our rapidly evolving health care system, the Institute’s leadership will help to insure that future generations of needy New Yorkers have an opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.

To view the growing list of CEOs who have signed the SafeWork 2010 Pledge, click here.

And what is the Pledge? It is very simple:

I am committed to addressing the issue of domestic violence in the workplace. I recognize that domestic violence impacts my employees, my company and my business. Therefore, I pledge to take action, lead change, and raise awareness as a member of SafeWork 2010.

CEOs sign the SafeWork 2010 Pledge, committing to address the impact of domestic violence in their workplace. To help them learn more about SafeWork 2010, they receive an awesome CEO Action Kit created by Safe Horizon and CAEPV provided by the generous support of The Allstate Foundation. It is FULL of free tools and information we've created to get a company jump-started on their own workplace program.

If you are interested in having your CEO sign the SafeWork 2010 Pledge, contact Joanna Colangelo at Safe Horizon at

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