Monday, March 24, 2008

Saved By Grace

This poem was sent to me by an amazing person I know -- this person works in one of our CAEPV member companies, and is a domestic violence survivor.

I think a lot of times a highly employed, educated, well-dressed, well-spoken, talented, person like this is just the kind that people assume, "Well, it doesn't happen to people like that -- they are too much like ME."

A.B. reminds us all that it DOES happen to people like me. Like you. Like your best friend. Like your neighbor. Like your sister. Like your brother. Like your co-worker. Like your boss. It can happen to anyone.

Saved by Grace

She lies quietly
On the cold tiles
Next to the porcelain tower
Of running water

No one can see her

She is frozen
Paralyzed with fear
As black-stained, trickling tears
Glaze the broken mirror

No one can hear her

She stares quietly
At the torn photograph
Underneath the jagged glass
Forming a watercolor

No one knows her

She looks at her arms
At the fingerprints of hate
Painted on her pale skin
In deep red and blue
Only one can save her


She closes her eyes
Praying with her last breath
As an angelic figure
Gathers her up and flies away
No one can hurt her


© ABH 3.17.2008


Unknown said...

Dear Kim:

I'm glad I found this. I will be adding a link to your blog on Gift From Within. We're a nonprofit org that provides educational materials and services for trauma survivors.We also have materials for professional helpers.

I wanted to let you know about an Interactive art exhibit we are hosting. It's called "A Woman’s Journey from Domestic Violence Victim to Survivor: The DOOR."

It was created by Stacie Dubay, a Counseling Supervisor at End Violent Encounters in Lansing, MI. She is also a domestic abuse survivor who created The DOOR to honor the strength and courage of women who have experienced domestic violence and to encourage others to take action.

The link is

I hope you will take a look.

Best wishes, Joyce, Director, Gift From Within

Anonymous said...

whew! thank you very much for sharing this great poem. Yes, i really agree that it really happen to any people as i do. Again, thank you very much.