Thursday, October 04, 2007

Are You Wearing A Gold Heart?

This week I am traveling and speaking all week long. I was privileged on Tuesday to speak at the Alabama Governor's Conference on Domestic Violence in Birmingham. The focus of the conference was the impact of domestic violence on the workplace and how employers can recognize that domestic violence impacts the workplace and how to recognize the warning signs, respond appropriately within the context of workplace performance and behavior, and refer employees to the resources that can assist them.

During the conference, the hosts invited those who were survivors of domestic violence to wear white roses that had been made available for them at the conference as a symbol of honor and freedom.

They did something else I thought was wonderful -- they invited anyone who had helped someone else in the workplace as a co-worker, boss, or manager to wear a gold heart in honor of that help. It was wonderful to see those gold hearts were gone in a flash!

If you are "wearing a gold heart" -- I congratulate and honor you! If you have reached out to someone in the workplace, if you have been part of developing a policy or program, if you have taken the time to recognize that a bruise may not just be a bruise, and too many office visits may not be benign, you are a "gold heart."

We need more people like you in workplaces -- and in the world!

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