Thursday, August 31, 2006


IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY is September 21 -- less than a month away!

What exactly is that? It is a day to do something pretty simple -- take a moment to talk about domestic violence. Or -- talk to your child about healthy relationships, check in with your partner and see how your relationship is doing, talk with a friend if you are concerned about them, educate yourself about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, encourage your workplace to develop a program to address the impact of domestic violence on employees.

Look for IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY in the October issue of Redbook - coming to newsstands in mid-September. And don’t forget to visit the Liz Claiborne "Love Is Not Abuse" site -- you can get there by going to You will find an event toolkit, ideas, and information about what happened during its IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY last year to inspire you! Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved in IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY 2006!

For CAEPV’s 2006 IT'S TIME TO TALK DAY page, visit

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