Friday, November 04, 2005

Are 21% of Your Employees Victims of Domestic Violence?

CAEPV ( recently released the first telephone survey of full-time employed adults regarding their experiences with domestic violence and its impact on the workplace. Twenty-one percent (21%) of those we polled had been victims of domestic violence at some point in their lives. Keep in mind that everyone we polled was employed full time (we defined being employed full time as being employed 32 hours or more a week).

And what was our split of male/female poll participants? About 40% were male, and about 60% were female, so while it was not an even split, it certainly was not overwhelmingly female. So what do I think that means?

I think that means we have a lot of female (and male) victims of domestic violence at our workplaces -- at least as suggested by this poll. And as we all know, no one leaves their "home life" at the door when they walk into the office -- and this is especially true for a victim of domestic violence.

There are so many positive and proactive things that an enlightened workplace can do to address the issue -- and it does not have to be expensive, or complicated. For more information on the poll, as well as a sample policy and an article on "six steps for creating a workplace program," visit

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