Thursday, August 11, 2005

CAEPV To Field First National Survey Regarding Impact of DV On Workplace

Starting last night, we are fielding the first ever national telephone survey asking employed adults about their experiences and attitudes regarding domestic violence as a workplace issue. There have been small studies done, and some studies done with groups of employees whose companies are participating in domestic violence workplace training programs -- but no one has ever asked people across the US before if they have noticed this at work before, and how it has impacted them.

We are not sure what sort of results to expect (since this kind of survey has never been done before) but we look forward to learning what people across the US have to tell us. This is a benchmarking survey, and we intend to repeat it in coming years to measure changes as we hope that more awareness is raised about the issue, and that more companies have programs and resources in place to assist employees who need help.

We thank Park National Bank for joining on as the most recent sponsor of this survey. Park National Bank joins the following companies and organizations sponsoring this benchmarking survey:
Verizon Wireless -- Lead Sponsor
Blue Shield of California Foundation
State Farm Insurance Company
Liz Claiborne Inc.
Mary Kay Inc.

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